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"Expert consultant for Aspiring and Growing Schools in India."

GT Education Services (GTES) is an academic and management consultant's solution provider catering to school governance's unique demands. We provide consultancy for K-12, Matriculation, State board, CBSE and ICSE schools, also cover the whole spectrum need for establishment and administration. We have specialization in technology-driven, classroom-friendly, and learner-centric curriculum as part of educational solution initiatives. We intend to connect and partner with schools to transform teaching & learning methodologies and improve students' potential. Through our unique program, we prepare students for the next generation academics by build confidence to face challenges in their future. 

  • Consultant to start New School
  • Manpower Planning  and Recruitment
  • Marketing, Publicity and Branding
  • Complete Academic Delivery
  • STEM Labs and Language Fluency Enhancement
  • Information Technology Services 
  • Teacher Training
  • Counselling Programs
  • Curriculum Planning and Design
  • Financial and Academic Audits
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Academic Partnership Program(APP)

"Promising Partners for Futuristic schools."
Our Unique academic partnership program offers a fully personalized, modular integrated solutions to help you set up and run the world-class school. We have built a strategy that gives you a top-notch solution for opening a new school or restructure the existing schools infrastructure. Our team of academic specialists, consultants and business development professionals always give our clients the best solution, which is the key to the phenomenal growth. A Long-term partnership will change the existing educational environment to the next-gen educational requirement that best suits your student institutions needs. We provide the futuristic academic curriculum and advisory services to schools to redesign a new path.  We are taking the opportunity to bring the schools into the 21st century, continuously figuring out newer strategies of performing and sinking with the world beyond the existing education system. Our primary mission and vision are to help learners transform their lives through education and empower partner schools.

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