STEM Labs and Language Fluency Enhancement

The STEM and Language Lab provides learners with an atmosphere where they can learn by exploring, finding, learning and experimenting. Students need to build their Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) skills from a young age to excel in the emerging information-based and technology-driven environment. It shows a concept-driven technique that strengthens analytical understanding, problem-solving capabilities, and inspires learners to grow in various fields. 

To Set-Up a STEM Lab,

  • Provide complete support to Layout and Set-Up
  • Create curriculum resources 
  • Provide a high-tech learning environment, and students are exposed to new skills such as robotics, computing, programming and more.
  • Enhance the 21st century 4 Skills such as critical thinking, imagination, teamwork and teamwork.
  • Train teachers to have personalized practices such as the use of STEM/Lang./Math laboratories with integrated systems.

English Language Lab:

  • Design to develop students language skills and improve the confidence of the students to speak in English.
  • Each module is customized to sharpen the learners listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
  • Boost the public speaking skill; the module is in the combination of classroom and lab activities.
  • Helps to improve word stress, tone& intonation, Pronouncation and grammar.
  • All modules are designed in an interactive and fun way to understand the language in an exciting environment.

Conducting GK & General Studies Course

  • Take special care from an early age to raise awareness of mathematics and science.
  • Provision of IIT, Medicine and GKGS courses with standard syllabus incorporation.